Why We Should Use AngularJS for Web App Development

AngularJS is a familiar name in today’s tech world. In fact, many developers prefer this web development framework because it is faster and more compatible compared with older frameworks.

As a sturdy open-source development framework, it also resolves other problems related to web development, making front-end development more convenient. There are many more reasons to pick AngularJS when selecting a web application development framework.

In this post, we will briefly explain the most important ones, but first, let’s look at some well-known companies that use AngularJS.

Popular Companies Using AngularJS — and Why They Do

  • Nike
  • YoutubeTV
  • PayPal
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Office
  • Forbes

Each of the abovementioned wanted a web application that could scale with their business growth and meet the growing needs of their client base. So they chose AngularJS to build different, fully functioning web applications and their components, such as forums and listings.

Read more: https://tudip.com/blog-post/why-we-should-use-angularjs-for-web-app-development/



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