What is Cloud Computing in Healthcare?

Tudip Technologies
1 min readMay 26, 2022

Cloud computing for the healthcare industry is the way of implementing remote server access through the internet for storing, managing, and processing healthcare data. In this process, on-site data centers aren’t established for hosting data on personal computers and hence provides a flexible solution for healthcare stakeholders to remotely access servers where the data is hosted.

Shifting to the cloud has two-fold benefits for both patients and providers. On the business side, virtualization in cloud computing has been beneficial to lower the operational spend while enabling healthcare providers to deliver high-quality and personalized care.

The patients, on the other hand, are getting accustomed with fast delivery of the healthcare services. Healthcare cloud computing increases involvement of patients by giving them access to their healthcare data, which ultimately results in better patient outcomes.

The remote accessibility of healthcare added with the democratization of data free the providers and patients which breaks down the location barriers to healthcare access.

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