Apps for mobile devices have become the primary means of providing services for most organizations nowadays. Numerous businesses have invested substantially in developing business applications to captivate their digital clients. However, these applications must meet specific criteria, such as providing a positive user experience, delivering impeccable performance, and installing swiftly…

In this blog, you will learn how to migrate a self-managed MySQL database to a fully managed database on Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service).

Following are the steps to migrate a MySQL database into an Amazon RDS.

1. Create a database instance in Amazon RDS.

Following are the steps to create a MySQL database instance.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Amazon RDS console. …

Anti-patterns have a negative impact on the maintainability of a software systems. These are nothing but a poor solution to recurring design problem and generally occurs when developers unknowingly introduce them while designing and implementing the features to the product.

So in this blog we will try to replace the negative aspects of the anti-pattern with something that will give a positive outcome.

Using FirstOrDefault and Any

Try avoiding to call Any() or Count > 0 before foreach() such as in the following code:

Prefer IEnumerable<>.Any to List<>.Exists

When manipulating IEnumerable, prefer to use Any() instead of ToList().Exists(). Check out the following code:

Integrating GraphQL APIs in reactjs was a little tricky with GraphQL rely upon, Now Apollo Client made GraphQL Integration and Usage very easy even though we can call the GraphQL API a Restful call.

But managing the data needs to Integrate third-party libraries like Redux or MobX. Now with Apollo Client, it handles API calling along with State Management.

Now we will go through the Integration part in Reactjs.

Step 1

Create a project locally with a create react app.
Lets Install the dependency package for apollo client

npm install @apollo/client graphql

apollo/client: package help to setup the apollo client in the project and has InMemoryCache, state management, error handling.
Graphql: Helps to parse the GraphQL queries.

Read more:

Ionic is freely available, open-source, and is a front-end SDK framework that enables us to build mobile-based applications for iOS, Windows, and Android phones using the same codebase. It is a cross-platform tool for mobile development.

This tool allows us to create hybrid mobile applications. It enables us to build…

With today’s UI testing framework, most of the UI tests are slow and complex to write and Synchronization of UI is the major issue.


EarlGrey is a native iOS UI test automation framework that enables you to write clear and concise tests, released by Google.


  1. Synchronization:
  • EarlGrey’s synchronization features help…


  • Tableau server installation
  • A MySQL server that hosts the database that you want to connect to Tableau
  • Credentials of the MySQL server
  • Basic schema to execute initial SQL statements
  • MySQL drivers installed on the Tableau server
  • The license of MySQL driver on the Tableau server

Steps to connect MySQL database

  1. Create new workbook

After logging…

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